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A Proven Approach to Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

We know pelvic health issues can be embarrassing, confusing, and challenging to find the right care.


Pelvic health issues affect each of us in unique ways. Therefore, the treatment approach should be unique to you.


At RESTORE Pelvic Physical Therapy, we prioritize your health and personal situation through same-day appointments, continuity of care by seeing the same clinician, and a unique facility to help propel you to new levels of health.

How Can We Help You?

A RESTORE Pelvic Physical Therapist Can Help You If You Are Experiencing:

  • Leaking with laughing, coughing, sneezing

  • Leaking after childbirth

  • Leaking of ANY KIND!

  • A strong or frequent urge to urinate(<2 hours)

  • Pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse

  • Constipation or bowel strain

  • Abdominal separation- bulge or ridge running down the middle of the abdomen (commonly after pregnancy)

  • Pressure or heaviness in the pelvic region

  • Lower back, hip, or groin pain

  • Questions during pre or postpartum

Would you like to get in touch? We are available for a phone call. We know you have questions, let's go over them together. Give us a call!


"Kari is very compassionate and truly listened to all my concerns. Kari’s instruction on the correct way to do pelvic floor exercises, lifting techniques, and strength training has made a difference with my prolapse problems. She did not give generic instruction but gave a plan that was specific to my conditions and lifestyle. Each session is followed up by an email recap and you can access her at anytime for questions or concerns. I had never heard of PT for pelvic floor issues until a Recharge member told me about Kari. I wish I would have known years earlier, I could have been proactive with my condition!" -Theresa H.

"My visits to Restore Pelvic Physical Therapy were wonderful. I can't rave about this place enough! Kari Hough is the ultimate professional . She made me feel completely comfortable as soon as I walked in the door. She listened to my concerns, explained thoroughly what the different options were for PT , and then developed a plan to address my issues. The exercises and breathing techniques that she taught me have completely enhanced my day to day life. I would highly recommend both Restore and Dr. Kari Hough." Jennifer G.

Get Started With Your Transparent Billing

We know that when your health is a concern, the last thing you should be worried about is insurance. It's frustrating enough not knowing what you owe, what is covered, and when you will ultimately get the bill. We get it. At Restore, we offer transparent billing. We work as Out of Network Providers with your insurance companies. If you are interested in an appointment, fill out the Transparent Billing Insurance Preauthorization below. We will connect with your insurance and follow up with you with a full pricing breakdown. No surprises. No extra bills. Full focus on your health.