Take Control With RESTORE Pelvic Physical Therapy.​

You Don't Have To Feel Powerless Hopeless Alone Weak Frustrated Discouraged Angry Overwhelmed Insecure

Pelvic PT Ellicott City MD

Pelvic Dysfunction Takes A Lot Away From You. We Can Help Restore Your Control.

At RESTORE, we know that you want to be confident in your body and in control of your pelvic health. In order to do that you need to better understand your body through pelvic physical therapy. The problem is there are many unknowns and misconceptions which make you feel confused, frustrated, and hopeless. We believe women deserve better

We understand pelvic health issues can be embarrassing, sensitive, and challenging to deal with, which is why we provide a safe and caring space for you to heal.

restore pelvic physical therapy Ellicott City MD

Lets Start With A Conversation.

Our Care Team Is Ready to Answer Your Questions And To Help You Reserve Your Appointment. 

Here's How We Help Women:​

Listen To Your Story and Build A Connection.​

Your Journey Is Unique To You. We Give You Time to Share. Then, We Begin To Explore Clinical Options.

Thorough Examination and Evaluation.​

As Part Of Your Appointment, There Will Be A Detailed Clinical Examination and Evaluation. This Allows Us To Create An Effective Custom Treatment Plan.

Implementing A Custom Treatment Plan​

At Restore we believe in a personalized, evidence-based, and realistic treatment plan. You and your pelvic physical therapist will work together on the best plan for you.

Start Your Journey To Pelvic Health Today at RESTORE.

We will make every effort to have you quickly seen at Restore. We understand waiting weeks or months for an appointment is frustrating. We can typically schedule new patients within a couple weeks, and follow up visits even sooner.

Please click below to connect with one of our Restore Care Team members.

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Patient Success Stories

Dr. Kari Hough is a godsend. I thought I was relegated to dealing with pelvic pain and overactive bladder symptoms after postpartum. Dr. Kari took the time to really listen to me. I felt heard, supported and encouraged to keep up with the exercises and focus on improvement. She took the time to check in at each visit and assess my care plan going forward. I strongly recommend that any woman experiencing pelvic floor, pain or bladder issues schedule an appointment. Don't put it off any longer. Thanks Dr. Kari!
Sarah P.
Google Review
Kari is AMAZING. She helped me recover after childbirth. I was in terrible pain for months until I found her. She explains everything clearly, is very compassionate, and gentle. I plan to see her again if I get pregnant again to help prevent the issues I had postpartum. I highly recommend her. If you're in pain, GO SEE HER!
Laurel S.
Google Review
Dr Kari Hough has been absolutely wonderful to work with. She strives to help find techniques that are effective yet also work with my crazy schedule. With her guidance my diastasis recti has healed and I feel like I am so much stronger. I can now resume all of the activities I used to enjoy. As a runner, I was so excited to find out she had a "Return to Run" program and really understood how to help me safely get back into running. I highly recommend her to any mommas looking to get their pelvic/core strength back in line.
Emileigh R.
Google Review
Kari offered me excellent care for my pelvic floor issues. She's the refreshing kind of professional who exudes a passion for her work, not to mention brains for her work, not to mention an educator's ability to translate her knowledge, diagnoses, and treatment plan into digestible chunks for the patient. I am so grateful that I felt listened to, empathized with, and supported to receive the best possible care despite my busy schedule. I feel more informed about my body and empowered to care for it thanks to Kari's help. I highly recommend Kari and her practice - top notch professional and top notch care!
Carolyn H.
Google Review
Restore pelvic physical therapy Ellicott City MD

Why Out Of Network Care?

 Restore Pelvic Physical Therapy is an out of network clinic. This allows us to focus on you, and not allow insurance limitations to dictate your care. We can deliver the care you deserve, by giving you the time you need. 

We understand price and costs is important. We will always be fully price transparent, so you know exactly what you'll pay. Our Restore care team will work with you to help you submit claims for out of network reimbursement. Often times the overall cost is not much different than with in-network care. 


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